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I've been diabetic since 2015.
Being diagnosed at 19 was the biggest relief of my life.

Many of my songs are about struggle and growth. They mostly stem from my own experiences. So it only feels natural to talk about diabetes. It's not the coolest, funnest or even the most visible illness. And before I was diagnosed, I didn't know anything about it. But the truth is, I can't eat without taking an injection of insulin. I can't leave the house without having my pouch of life sustaining equipment and emergency sugar. I can't play a show without thinking about my glycemic levels. And well, I was tired of typical 'live better with diabetes ads' and wanted to have a bit of fun.

So here's diabetes chic

These photos were taken in 2022 by Photographer Mateo Cassis in Montréal. They feature denim from Alberic Studio and fashion styling from Cris Sarem and freestyle sensors from Abbott, a constant glucose monitoring system that I use to help keep my blood levels regulated.

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